Apple is doing a pretty good marketing job with its iPhone and much has been lead by online discussions over paid-for advertising. A recent quick quiz on American adults finds the phone is hotly favoured.

The survey conducted by Harris interactive found that although the iPhone is not yet a household word, 47% of respondents were aware of the product and a full 17% expressed interest in purchasing it.

Unfortunately the UK will be left behind in the initial launch because it will be unleashed onto the American public first. But if the trend follows the results and the UK reflects the American behaviour then Apple will need to produce a lot of handsets.

So, a rush to the shops? Nine per cent said they would buy at product launch and another 8% would buy before their current mobile contract expired. About 17% say they would wait for their current mobile contract to expire.

The reason the iPhone is so popular? Well, for Americans it is the large storage capacity, then the quad-band worldwide capabilities followed by the usability.

All this is yet to be witnessed, time will tell. Yet the buzz around the product is so extreme that it is unlikely the phone will be out of the news before launch.

The studies were conducted online with consumers from
a member panel created and maintained by Harris Interactive.

The iPhone is expected out in the summer, but we’re sure there’s more news to come before then.