Apple will release a 3G enabled version of its iPhone as early as January next year according to Apple rumours website

According to the site, "After threatening to drop a large-scale cellular service contract based on concerns that it would lock itself out of a trade-up to the iPhone, a Swedish firm has received assurances from its liaison at the provider that the coveted gadget would arrive as soon as September - and, startlingly, that a version of the handset with 3G wireless internet access would be in the provider's hands as soon as January of 2008".

The move, if true, would mean Apple would be releasing a second version of its yet un released phone just months after a UK launch and just 6 months after its US launch.

It would also mean that Apple would be able to offer iTunes music and film downloads and surf the internet quicker over the air via a 3G network without users having to rely on finding a Wi-Fi hotspot.

However there isn't anything in the rumour that suggests a 3G enabled device could be coming to the UK or the US anytime soon.

Apple has yet to announce which mobile phone operator it will be choosing in the UK and whether as it has done in the US be offering it as exclusive to any one company.

Apple was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.