Apple fans are at the edge of their seats as Steve Jobs' Keynote speech at this year's MacWorld Expo is almost upon us.

"Apple is incredibly good at keeping things under wraps. Steve Jobs will definitely make it a good show and there will always be that one last thing that no-one expects at the end", Ian Fogg, analyst with research firm Jupiter, told the BBC.

Huge queues are already forming outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco ahead of the announcement and understandably rumours in the crowd are gaining apace.

Will it be a mobile phone? A new Airport Express standard? Or maybe, following Microsoft and Sony, an IPTV option - following Apple's announcement that it was working on such a device called iTV last year.

At the beginning of the year Apple said on its website "The first 30 years were just the beginning - welcome to 2007".

Steve Jobs kicks off his keynote at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 9 January and Pocket-lint will be covering the announcement live from the Moscone Center.

So bookmark this page and see you at 5pm GMT or 9am PST.

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