Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) would be wise to team up and share the technology that the other lacks, suggested Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Capital.

The comments are taken seriously because Misek last year correctly predicted the partnership between RIM and Intel Corp.

While RIM wants a greater slice of the consumer market, Apple hasn't yet integrated wireless solutions into its portable devices. Therefore, according the Misek, a partnership would allow each to plug the holes in their device line-up.

He suggested that Apple could make a cellphone integrating RIM's wireless technology, while RIM could include Apple iTunes on its BlackBerry devices.

Although Apple has already teamed up with Motorola to produce an iTunes mobile phone, the Rokr, sales have reportedly been sluggish.

Other industry analysts are skeptical of the idea of a partnership, as they believe the CEOs of both companies would clash.