They established the portable music player as a modern style icon…after the other one, the iMac and its one stab at PDAs, the Newton. Then the Apple Airport allowed users to beam that music around.

It's still a long stretch to imagine this would make the company strike out into the mobile phone business as a network provider in its own right, although in the same way Sony's Walkman name was attached to Sony-Ericsson phone handsets, Motorola and Apple have teamed up, with the results to be launched (or hyped) at this summer's V Festival in the third week of August.

If the result is indeed an iTunes phone as heavily hinted by Apple sites, then it could be a killer combination depending on both sound quality and battery life compared to the existing handset and iPod you may already own. Of course, it'll be out there, ready to snare a market that seems to be always upgrading and who maybe haven't been turned into download. Keeping in a decent camera and the model might just walk off the shelves into users' pockets.