Following Palms announcement that it will be stopping support for Apple users when it launches version 6 of its OS - named Cobalt, rumours are once again floating around the web that Apple is to launch a PDA device and do what they have done to the MP3 player market to the PDA market.

As with all rumours, details are sketchy, although Apple must be annoyed by Palms decision to drop support of the Apple platform as it forges on with two new versions of its OS - one for the wireless market and one for the lower end PDA that it supports.

Apple's usual tactic when launching a new product is to have a finished version ready to sell to an up and till then unsuspecting public, however the Palm announcement may force Apple to break this rule and inform the public of its plans to reduce the amount of damage the Palm story may cause.


In other Apple news this week, Apple declared that it would be opening a 20,000 Sq Ft flagship store on Regent Street in London.

The store, which follows other flagship stores across the globe, will sell all of Apple's product line as well as other related products by third party manufacturers similar to its online store. The store plans to open in time for Christmas 2004 and will be the first Apple retail store in the UK.