iPhone 13 colours: All the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro colours available

First up, we'll take Apple's most premium, and pricey, iPhones - the 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro, which are available in four different finishes this time. (image credit: Apple)
Here's the Pro in Gold, which might have looked slightly gaudy in previous years but is actually emerging as one of our potential favourite finishes. (image credit: Apple)
Graphite is a more stripped-back affair, an ideal choice for a work phone or if you want to make sure that your 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max will go with any outfit. (image credit: Apple)
The Silver finish is probably as close as you can get to an iPhone that evokes the earliest designs of the phone, when it still had a reflective back on it. (image credit: Apple)
The only colour in the Pro range to get a fancier name, we think Sierra Blue might be a lot of people's top choice - it's a really nice shade of blue! (image credit: Apple)
Moving on to the standard iPhone 13 and its smaller cousin the iPhone 13 mini, though, things get a little bit more fun, in our view. (image credit: Apple)
It's a bit of a silly name, but Starlight is a pretty nice and bold choice for your iPhone 13, bringing a near-white brightness to the table. (image credit: Apple)
As Apple has done for a long time, there's a nice option in the form of the Product(Red) colourway for those who want to give back. (image credit: Apple)
A nice, tasteful pastel pink is another option for the 13 and 13 mini, and we think this colour could also find plenty of fans. (image credit: Apple)
Apple won't just call it black - and for once, that's a good thing, as this is actually closer to an incredibly deep blue than anything else. (image credit: Apple)
Simple naming does return for this plain blue option, which is fine and dandy, although not quite as exciting as the blue that graced the 12. (image credit: Apple)