Apple iOS 15 release date and all the features coming to your iPhone

Notifications see an overhaul in iOS 15, with a larger app icons and pictures for contacts, as well as a Notifications Summary for non-timely alerts. (image credit: Apple)
A feature called Focus enables you to filter out notifications based on what you are doing. There are four standard options, but you can create a custom one too (image credit: Apple)
There are lots of new FaceTime features including SharePlay and the ability to send a FaceTime Link so Android and Windows users can join a call from a browser. (image credit: Apple)
The Notes app sees tags and mentions introduced, making it easier to organise and search or notes. There's also an Activity View for shared notes. (image credit: Apple)
The Maps overhaul sees more details, including elevation, as well as a three-dimensional driving experience and augmented reality for walking directions. (image credit: Apple)
A feature called Live Text sees text from an image become interactive, allowing you to copy and paste it for example, or call a number directly from an image. (image credit: Apple)
Privacy updates coming to iOS 15 include an App Privacy Report that will detail when an app has used your contacts, photos, location etc in the last seven days. (image credit: Apple)