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(Pocket-lint) - New tweets from cryptic-but-reliable leaker L0vetodream indicate Apple is developing an iPhone with an under-display Touch ID sensor. The company might also soon launch two models of the long-rumoured AirTags.

L0vetodream posted the following tweet on 16 October 2020:

Several reports suggest that “MESA uts for iPhone” means something specific. Apparently, Mesa is Apple's internal codename for Touch ID, and “uts” likely stands for “under the screen". Keep in mind, going back to as far as iPhone X, rumours have said a future iPhone will feature in-display Touch ID. Apple reportedly even developed several ways to read fingerprints through a display.

Apple most recently added its Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the latest iPad Air via the power button. It's a much-welcomed alternative to Face ID, which hasn't exactly been seamless in an age where we all wear masks and our phones therefore can't see our faces. When Apple started work on the iPhone 12, however, there was no pandemic, so the design, specs, and so on were likely done before it was too late.

But Apple now has time to reintroduce Touch ID, with the iPhone 13, which has lead to some reports wondering whether the next iPhone will get the feature. L0vetodream didn't mention which iPhone will get the feature, so we're only guessing at this point. But, hey, that's fun to do, right?

Finally, L0vetodream also recently tweeted that a "big one" and a "small one" were "coming soon", and then, an hour later, the account tweeted "tag TAG", all of which suggests Apple's upcoming Tile-like tracking tags will imminently arrive in two different sizes.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 21 October 2020.