(Pocket-lint) - The iPhone 12, in all its variations, has made a real splash since Apple announced it, and people the world over are rushing to get their hands on one as soon as they can, whether they're upgrading from older models or making the jump from Android to iOS at last. 

While the Pro models of Apple's new phone have a refreshed Ceramic Shield to protect them better from drops and bumps, it's still sadly true that iPhones can be a little, well, fragile. Once you get your new smartphone, the sensible thing to do is stick it in a custom-made case to ensure that it's safe from damage. There are already some really impressive options on the market, despite how new the phone is, and we've gathered three of the best companies making cases for you to check out, right here. 


i-Blason Cases

i-Blason has a whole host of cases that you can pick from, including the one we've highlighted above, the Ares, which does a great job of keeping the phone's flat, angular design front and centre. It brings a set of rubber bumpers to make sure that the phone is better protected from drops - in fact, it's drop-tested up to a massive 20 feet, as certified by CNET.

Plus, a front panel means that it can be a case and screen protector all in one go, which is a great little bit of peace of mind. Best of all, the clear back to the case means that whichever colour you pick for your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, you don't have to worry about it being covered up. It'll shine through nicely. 



SUPCASE offers a different range of iPhone 12 cases that cover some of the same bases, to make sure that you have a seriously impressive set of options to pick from. We particularly like the jauntily-named Unicorn Beetle Style case that you can see above, which is a clean and minimalistic clear case. 

It ensures that the gorgeous design Apple's perfected for the iPhone 12, which so obviously takes us back to the days of the iPhone 4 all those years ago, doesn't get obscured by a case, and once again lets the colour of your phone come through undimmed. 


Clayco Cases

Our final case-maker is Clayco, and its major design comes in the form of the Argos Series, which can be picked up across all sizes of the iPhone 12, including the Pro and Mini models. This case is a bit chunkier than the others we've showcased, because it has an amazing secret - it's not just a case that'll protect your phone, but also a handy card holder.

That means you can slide out the bottom of the case to store a few credit cards, the perfect hidden wallet to make sure that you can leave home with just your phone and be completely fine. There are also some great colours to pick from, including this statement violet, and a more toned-down dark gray.