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(Pocket-lint) - It's hardly a surprise that iOS 14 is on the way - Apple never stops developing, and there are still plenty of features that could be added to the iPhone roster at any given time.

One of those, and in fact one that people have been clamouring for in the longterm, is the option of actual, proper widgets for the iPhone's home screen, which has occasionally looked possible but never actually been realised. Well, you can add a bit more hope to the pile, as a leak of Apple's plans for iOS 14's wallpaper settings has got people speculating again. 

Twitter user DongleBookPro has posted some screenshots of an apparent change that's coming in iOS 14, indicating that users are going to get more control than ever in terms of their wallpapers and the differences between their lock screen and home screen.

While being able to have different images and versions set for your lock screen and home screen isn't new, the small settings bar titled "Home Screen Appearance" in those screenshots is, and hold some interesting possibilities. 

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Ready for widgets

Given that the majority of options on display show simplified colours and gradients drawn from the palette of your image, it's possible that these backgrounds are intended to make it easier to pick out a widget that could be placed on the home screen. That might be a bit of a stretch, but widgets in iOS are an exciting enough prospect to make it worth mentioning, with speculation rife that they're finally on the way. 

Otherwise, the screenshots also show that Apple's planning to divide up its wallpaper options into collections to make them easier to browse, a welcome UI change. 

Of course, these images are also likely from test versions of the new operating system, and might end up being smoke in the wind, should Apple decide to can the features at any point between now and iOS 14's actual release. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 6 April 2020.