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(Pocket-lint) - A leaked image - apparently obtained from within iOS 14 code - suggests that the next series of iPhones could feature a LiDAR sensor, just like the new iPad Pro.

In the monochrome image, the kind which wouldusually appear in a quick start guide or basic overview of the device, shows three camera rings, and then a greyed-out sensor, which looks just like the LiDAR scanner on the latest iPad models.

The other three, we can safely assume are the regular, ultra-wide and telephoto zoom cameras, similar to what is on the current iPhone 11 Pro series. 

The original image was shared by Concepts iPhone on instagram, and can be seen in its entirety below. 

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As well as having this LiDAR scanner, it's been suggested that the iPhone 12 Pro will up the pixel count this year and maybe even feature a more flat-edged design, taking on more of the iPad Pro's influence. 

The iPhone 12 Pro is widely expected to be Apple's next series of 'Pro' phones, and while we should probably assume it'll be an evolution of the 11 Pro series, there has been suggestion it may not launch in September, breaking something of a tradition for Apple.

With the LiDAR scanner added, the iPhone's AR capabilities would be much stronger, but it's yet to be seen if it could ever be as widely adopted by consumers as Apple would like. 

We've seen a number of manufacturers adding AR abilities into their software, whether it's for playing games like Pokemon Go, viewing furniture from IKEA in your own living room or navigating using Google Maps. It's clear there are applications for it, and LiDAR could potentially make it far more accurate. In an iPhone, that could give the AR industry a massive boost. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.