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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is reportedly planning to update its iCloud Keychain feature with the upcoming iOS 14 software update for iPhones.

iCloud Keychain stores passwords and other secure information across your Apple devices. It not only allows you to see your saved passwords, but it can also auto-fill your information - like your Safari usernames and passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and social logins, and credit card details. 

It's not as robust as other password managers available, such as 1Password and LastPass. But 9to5Mac thinks it'll soon be more comparable, as it might add two-factor password integration and more - if a leaked build of iOS 14 is to be believed. Two-factor authentication is an added security layer that tries to prevent hackers from logging into your apps with your credentials.

With it, hackers need your password (one factor) and a special code (the second factor, which is commonly sent to you via SMS or email). 

Currently, Apple users need to rely on potentially insecure methods like SMS or email if they use two-factor authentication in their apps. But, with iOS 14, it sounds like Apple wants iCloud Keychain to lessen or replace the need for SMS and email as secondary verification options. It’s not clear if Apple will offer its own authenticator, but if it does, it'll be able to compete with 1Password, LastPass, and even Google’s Authenticator.

9to5Mac also spotted clues that suggest Apple is testing warning users about recycling passwords with iCloud Keychain in iOS 14. 

iCloud Keychain will presumably remain a free service to those who own Apple devices, so subscription-based or paid password managers and authenticators like 1Password might be in trouble when iOS 14 rolls out sometime this autumn.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 1 April 2020.