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(Pocket-lint) - We've been hearing rumours about the iPhone 12 for some time now, alongside a distinct line of information about a new, smaller size of phone for Apple.

Even as far back as June 2019 analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was predicting that Apple was working on a 5.4-inch phone, alongside its now more typical iPhone and iPhone Max form factors. 

Now, reports from China are coming out about the display for that smaller phone, which will apparently be an OLED panel, manufactured by display makers BOE and General Interface Solutions.

However, the wording of the report from Digitimes is ambiguous as to whether Apple has actually placed any orders of the displays, or whether the two businesses are simply positioning themselves to attract offers from it, knowing the size that it's aiming for. 

The assumption about the new, smaller iPhone is that it will end up being around the size of the older iPhone 8, although potentially a shade smaller, but fitting in a much larger display. This will use Apple's signature notched all-screen design to squeeze more display into the phone's real-estate. 

5G for the first time

Apparently it will also pack in 5G connectivity, as will the rest of the iPhone 12 line, bringing Apple's smartphone dominance to the new market and bringing faster speeds to iOS users for the first time. Reports seem to be slightly conflicted on the 5G, front, though, with others claiming the smaller model will miss out on the new network. 

Of course, for now this all remains unconfirmed, and we can't expect to get an update on Apple's iPhone plans for some time ahead of its typical autumn reveals. 

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Still, if a smaller iPhone 12 is indeed in the works it's likely to go down well with many people, as the default size of smartphones getting bigger and bigger has never been ideal for those with smaller hands. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 18 March 2020.