(Pocket-lint) - Apple has a bit of a storied history when it comes to default apps on its devices - it's spent years deflecting accusations that it gives undue prominence to its own services by making them the unchangeable default on its iPhones, whether that means its Mail app or Apple Music. 

That means that for over a decade, iPhone users have had to accept that clicking a link will open Safari, while email addresses will open a new draft in Mail, not whatever app they might actually use. 

This state of affairs might be due to change, however, according to a report from Bloomberg, with another major change in the offing being allowing Spotify onto its HomePod smart speaker, which we're sure many users would welcome happily. 

Spotify itself has railed in recent years against Apple for its restrictions on the default streaming service used by HomePods, which may have played a part in Apple's apparent (and potential) change of heart. 

According to Bloomberg's sources, it might not just be Spotify, but indeed any third-party music services that get access. 

Opening up the ecosystem

A knock-on effect of this change would be that you'd be able to drop the annoying "on Spotify" from your voice requests to Siri when asking for music, since the service would be the new default. That's an exciting change in and of itself. 

It would seem that any changes could be bundled into iOS 14 when the new software releases, so we're not talking about a completely imminent revision. Still, this is exciting news for Apple users - the closed ecosystem of the iPhone has been a famous part of its package for years, but opening that system up could be great for people. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.