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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's plans for a new, smaller smartphone in the form of the iPhone SE 2 are becoming increasingly difficult to parse, with a range of phones rumoured in different sizes and configurations, but at least one of them has just had some more details leaked, according to reports.

Mac Otakara, with a good track record until now, has reported that supply chain sources have told it that at least one version of the iPhone SE 2 that we're all expecting to debut this year, whether with that name or not, will have Face ID. 


We had previously been expecting Apple's face scanning technology not to make it into the phone, to save on costs, instead expecting a fingerprint scanner much like the iPhone 8's, below its screen. 

Apparently, however, there won't be space under the screen for a scanner, since it's being expanded to 5.4 inches in size, despite the phone's body having roughly the same dimensions as the iPhone 8. 

The iPhone 8's screen was 4.7 inches in size, making for a decent jump in real estate to this new model, and if Face ID is arriving then you can most likely expect Apple's tried and tested screen notch to house its cameras and sensors. 

Apparently the camera on the phone's back will also be a significant upgrade on the iPhone 8's, both in quality and in the size of its actual unit, which isn't too much of a surprise given the years that have passed since the iPhone 8 debuted. 

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If these reports indicate that there's at least one smaller iPhone coming this year with Face ID in the package, the picture is muddied by repeated reports of multiple models in the pipeline, and indeed the possibility that the phones will be called iPhone 9 instead. Time will tell, of course, though we'd expect more rumours to circulate in the meantime. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings.