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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has just bought a company that will improve the crispness of iPhone photos. 

The company, Spectral Edge, is based in Cambridge, UK and it's pretty clear from the filings lodged in recent days with Companies House that Apple is now in control. Apple corporate lawyer Peter Denwood was appointed a director, while basically all other directors and associates been terminated from the company listing.

Spectral Edge has been working on bringing "image fusion technology" to market - essentially using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make phone photography crisper by taking an infrared image and blending it with the main photo. It seems the tech will be of particular use for low light photography which hasn't been a traditional iPhone strength - at least, not until the iPhone 11 Pro appeared. 

Among the terminated directors are Parkwalk Advisors Ltd, an investment firm specialising in tech innovation - the company was only appointed in April 2019, which suggests the move by Apple is relatively recent.

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Business Weekly reported that Spectral Edge was well backed - the company raised more than $5.3 million from existing investors (inclduing Parkwalk) in April 2018.

We already knew that Apple has a base in Cambridge - some work takes place there on Siri and other technologies - after it acquired another startup business (VocalIQ) which worked on natural language tech.

Business Weekly adds that Apple is moving its Cambridge HQ, to a new building in 2021, so the company clearly thinks it's worth having a base there. After all, Cambridge is also where ARM is based. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.