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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like famed designed Jony Ive has now left Apple fully, after the announcement of his impending departure was made back in June. Apple has updated its online "Leadership" page to remove him from the ranks of experts listed.

This brings to an end an employment that started way back in 1992, when Ive joined Apple for the first time. Apple hadn't announced exactly when Ive would be leaving, only letting the world know that he would be stepping down.

There was some speculation over when his last day would be, though we knew it would come this year. At that level of seniority, you'd be forgiven for assuming a pretty hefty notice period, and so it seems to have been. 

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It doesn't look like Ive has burned any bridges at Apple, though, which is no surprise. His new design company, LoveFrom, has in fact already signed Apple up as a client, so his influence doesn't look set to end quite yet. 

LoveFrom is another collaboration between Ive and designed Mark Newson, a tag-team that has previously produced work including the Apple Watch and more. Exactly what they'll be working on for Apple remains to be

The importance of Ive's body of design work is hard to overestimate, having had a pivotal hand in the design of the iPod and iPhone, two of the most influential devices in modern history, among others. His work has earned him a massive reputation, as well as the small matter of a knighthood. 

The change to that Leadership page leaves no one on the list with "design" in their title, suggesting that there might be a less singular vision at Apple going forward - this, of course, doesn't have to be a negative change, with collaboration perhaps being encouraged. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.