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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's new iPhones will include a redesigned taptic engine and will stick with the Lightning connector for charging. 

That's according to the latest slew of rumours surrounding Apple's trio of iPhone XI devices. There's also an interesting tidbit of info about the next-generation A13 chip which will is known internally as Cebu according to 9to5Mac. 

Alas, it appears that the iPhone won't be going the same way as the iPad Pro lineup and use USB-C for charging and data. It seems this year's handsets will be sticking with Lightning. 

The new taptic engine will probably focus on improving the touch capabilities of the handsets as we believe 3D Touch as we know it is being phased out. This also means that a 3D Touch-like feature would also be able to come to iPad, so you'll still be able to long-press for more info. 

We also have official Apple model numbers for the new phones - D42 or iPhone12,3 which is the new iPhone XI. D43 (iPhone12,5) is the big-screen iPhone XI Max and finallyN104 (iPhone12,1) is the next-gen iPhone XR - which we can't really pin down the name of. Could it be XRS or X2

lt's long seemed that all three handsets will still feature the same display types as the current models - so the iPhone XI and XI Max will have OLED screens and the new version of the XR. It's probably not a straight replacement for XR, since we'd expect that phone to stay on sale but get cheaper instead. 

Finally, the story also reiterates rumours around the advent of a wide-angle camera and improved slo-mo on the front camera, too. And yes, there's still that weird-looking camera module, too. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.