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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is thought to be bringing a Google Pixel-style Night Sight feature to the next generation iPhone, which we believe will be called iPhone XI

If there's one criticism of the current generation of iPhones, it's that the night photography isn't at the level of some Android rivals, particularly Huawei and Google handsets.

Although there is an argument that the night modes on these phones result in hyper-real images, there's no doubt that they can create some stunning images.

XDA writer Max Weinbach claims that the new handsets - of which there will probably be three again - will have a "dedicated night mode". Weinbach also claimed this will be better than the modes on rival phones, but we'd say that naturally remains to be seen.

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Since Apple prides itself on the photos captured with its phones, it's a no brainer for the company to improve the cameras in the only area it lacks. 

Interestingly Weinbach also claimed that the night mode will be able to switch on automatically if the scene detected warrants it. That would make some sense as anecdotal evidence from other devices suggests that most users rarely switch mode from the default. 

The iPhone XI and XI Max will have triple cameras this time, with the second iPhone XR possibly having a dual-camera. We're expecting all three to launch around the usual time in the middle of September, with availability around the end of that month.

Writing by Dan Grabham.