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(Pocket-lint) - There is further suggestion that Apple's 2019 follow-up to the iPhone XS Max will feature a triple-lens camera. And the 2020 version will have 3D cameras.

Several reports, including The Wall Street Journal, have all made claims about a new triple-lens camera in recent weeks, which will allow for a larger field of view, a wider zoom range, and the ability to capture more pixels.

We have also heard that the 2019 follow-ups to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will feature dual-lens camera arrangements.

Now Bloomberg says that Apple is reportedly developing new camera software tricks for all the next-generation phones.

For instance, the company is working on one camera feature that could fix a photo or a video in order to fit in a subject that "may have accidentally been cut off from the initial shot". An improved version of Apple's Live Photos feature is also coming. It will include six-second-long videos.

More interestingly, Bloomberg claimed a new TrueDepth system will be added to the 2020 iPhone. It'll consist of time-of-flight 3D cameras with lasers that bounce off objects in a room to create a 3D image of your surroundings. The result should be a detailed AR experience, with accurate depth perception and placement of virtual objects. These 3D cameras will scan areas up to 15 feet from the device.

Keep in mind Apple's existing TrueDepth system uses 3D technology, but it's powered by infrared, rather than lasers. So, it only works at distances up to 50 centimeters. Sony is said to be Apple's supplier for the 3D camera system, and it might even debut in the 2020 iPad Pro upgrade in spring, which is months ahead of the 2020 iPhone upgrade. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also confirmed we shouldn't expect Apple to introduce its new 3D camera system in the 2019 cycle.

Apple apparently needs 5G connectivity and possibly augmented reality glasses to fully leverage its new 3D camera system.

Lastly, Bloomberg said some versions of the 2019 iPhone models that Apple has been testing use a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning port. It's not clear if the new phones will actually ditch Lightning, but we can at least expect an upgraded A-series processor and a new Face ID sensor

Writing by Maggie Tillman.