Apple's next flagship iPhone isn't due out until September 2019, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about what we'd like to see on the next device.

This feature isn't just about our hopes and dreams though, it also rounds up any rumours circulating about the next iPhones.

What will the next iPhone be called?

  • iPhone XI?
  • iPhone X2?

In the past, we have pretty much known what the next iPhone would be called because Apple used sequential numbers. That all changed in 2017 though when Apple introduced the iPhone X into the mix. The 2018 models then added an "S" and an "R" to the X branding.

This means that no one is currently sure what this year's iPhone or iPhones will be called. Apple might opt for iPhone XI (our bet) or iPhone X2, or maybe even take it back to iPhone 11.

As we don't know for now and we won't find out officially anytime soon, we will stick with 2019 iPhones for the sake of this feature.

Apple iPhone 2019 release date

  • Predicting 10 September 2019

Apple typically holds its iPhone event in the second week of September. Traditionally on a Tuesday. Assuming it follows the same pattern for 2019, we'd predict the iPhone launch event to take place on the 10 September 2019.

Of course nothing has been confirmed, nor will it be until likely the end of August 2019 but that's the date we would place our bet on for now.

What we want and expect to see on the next iPhone

  • USB Type-C
  • Higher resolution displays
  • Apple Pencil compatibility
  • A13 chip

We'd expect the 2019 iPhones to change up the design once again as the XS models played things safe. We still see the design of the iPhone XS to inspire the next models, but it would be great to see the notch reduce, if not disappear entirely.

It's unlikely Apple will opt for the slider phone design we have seen on a couple of devices recently, in our opinion, but a reduced notch or a way to hide the notch with software would be on our wish list. We'd also love to see Apple Pencil compatibility.

Waterproofing, glass and metal materials and a premium build quality are all elements we'd expect for the 2019 models, as well as a high screen to body ratio like the current models. FaceID will no doubt be on board, and although it's excellent now in our experience, it's likely to see improvements over the coming years.

It would be great to see a slightly higher resolution on the OLED displays and we'd like to see USB-Type C over Lightning but with the latest iPads moving to this connection, we'd be surprised if this didn't happen for the next iPhones too.

Under the hoods, we'd expect the A13 chip, which will no doubt offer improvements and advancements over the A12. We also expect the next iPhone's to launch on iOS 13, which will likely be previewed at WWDC 19 as usual. 

Apple iPhone XI rumours

There are already a couple of rumours circulating regarding the 2019 iPhones and they are only going to increase so get ready to check this feature regularly over the coming months.

Apple iPhone 2019 display

  • Three sizes expected
  • 3D Touch could be ditched
  • Pencil support could come

Some rumours claim Apple will opt for an all OLED line up for its 2019 iPhones. ET News claims a couple of Apple officials have said the company will adopt the technology in all three models and the site also reported the panels will integrate the touch aspect into the display rather than have it separate. Samsung Display is reported to be making the panels, allowing for slimmer iPhones. There have also been reports of two OLED models and one LCD model again though.

It's not yet clear if the three models will offer the same size screens as the current models but we suspect the 2019 models won't differ too much. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will continue to offer a 5.8-inch OLED model, 6.1-inch LCD model and a larger 6.5-inch OLED model.

MacRumors reported that a Barclays analyst has claimed that all models will ditch 3D Touch however, like the iPhone XR did in 2018.

The site also reported that Apple Pencil compatibility is a possibility for the 2019 models with Kuo claiming future Pencil support could happen and The Investor claiming Apple is considering offering a Pencil-type Stylus.

Apple iPhone 2019 cameras

  • Triple lens rear camera reported

ET News has claimed Apple is considering a smaller notch for the 2019 iPhones by combining the Face ID sensors and the front camera. It's not yet clear how this would work as yet but we are all for a smaller notch. ET News also reported the notch may disappear entirely, but we suspect this is less likely. 

Face ID is reported to be improving for the next models though. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new models will come with a new flood illuminator which will apparently help with the impact light from the environment.

In terms of the rear camera, it's been claimed Apple is working on a 3D sensor for the next iPhones. Bloomberg has reported the system will be another step towards turning the 2019 iPhone into an augmented reality device.

Economic Daily News has also claimed the 2019 iPhones might feature a triple lens rear camera system. There is no other concrete evidence to support this at the moment though. It's also not clear if all models could have a triple lens rear camera, or if this will be reserved for the XS and XS Max successors.

DigitApple iPhone XI might have the ugliest triple camera solution so far image 1

Renders have appeared showing what this third lens might look like though - and it's not pretty. The renders appeared on Digit, made by @OnLeaks who has a good track record with upcoming phone releases.

We aren't convinced Apple will stick to this design, but Ice Universe, another big name in the smartphone leaking world has claimed the renders are "correct".

OnLeaks/CompareRajaiPhone image 2

We're putting our money on things changing though and we aren't the only ones. Further renders appeared on Indian site CompareRaja, again made in conjunction with @OnLeaks, showing a different design for a triple camera system.

It's claimed Apple has yet to decide on which it might use, if either. Given the current choice though, we hope it picks the latter.

Apple iPhone hardware and software

  • A13 chip likely
  • 5G?
  • iOS 13 software 

There aren't many hardware rumours as yet, but it's pretty much a given the 2019 iPhones will come with the A13 chip and run on iOS 13.

It isn't clear whether Apple will make the next iPhone 5G enabled, some sources have told Bloomberg the company won't adopt the technology until 2020, but Apple has yet to confirm. If it waits until 2020, it will be behind some rivals, including OnePlus and Samsung.

We will update this feature as more information and rumours surrounding the 2019 iPhones appear.