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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's massive adoption of its phones, increasing features and software updates means that there's more potential than ever that something won't quite go smoothly when a new iPhone launches.

Inevitably there are early reports of a number of issues with the new iPhone. Some of these are bugs, some are minor problems and some become larger irritations, like bendgate. Everyone loves a drama.

So here's a rundown of reported problems for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and whether they actually matter. 

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This one is pretty funny. With the launch of the new iPhone XS, there's inevitably a lot of attention on the front camera. Unfortunately there seems to be a fairly high level of "beauty" filtering, meaning that people don't look quite how they expect. It's not a bug, it's deliberate smoothing of some facial features to make you look more amazing. 

What's happening about it? Apple has said that the iOS 12.1 update will address the issue of the front camera appearing to smooth out skin according to The Verge.

Doesn't charge if the display is off when the Lightning cable is connected

There have been reports that the some iPhone XS and XS Max models aren't charging if the display is off when the Lightning cable is plugged in. That means that if the display isn't on, you get no charge. It's not happening on all phones, just some, so it seems pretty random.

What's happening about it? Apple is aware of the problem and there's a fix coming in iOS 12.1 according to Cnet.

Poor network reception 

There have been reports that the iPhone XS is experiencing poor network reception. There's quite a big MacRumors thread dedicated to it, there's a lot of talk on Apple Discussions and elsewhere. This isn't something that we've noticed ourselves, but it's been rumbling for some time. 

What's happening about it? There's been no word and no real expansion on this problem since early reports.

Writing by Chris Hall.