(Pocket-lint) - It's expensive to have Apple or other shops fix your Apple devices, but now, thanks to leaked internal videos, you can save some money.

YouTube/Arman Haji

Amazingly, a total of 11 videos have popped up online that appear to show Apple’s internal process for repairing iPhones and MacBooks. They're now available on YouTube from this link. Apple hasn't confirmed the videos’ validity, but they appear to be legit, as noted by Motherboard. They have Apple’s copyright and show's Apple’s official disassembly and repair tools that are made specifically for the company.

We imagine Apple isn't too happy about these videos appearing online. It has long made it difficult for customers to fix their own devices in order to push its own repair services and get customers to trade up to newer devices. It's also fought third-party repair shops, and it's made speciality tools required to even get into its devices. There's also software that will disable features if it notices off-brand parts.

As of right now, the videos are still live. The original leaker posted them to Twitter, and "Arman Haji" grabbed those and put them on YouTube.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.