(Pocket-lint) - We're expecting the launch of new iPhones in September, and all rumours are point to a cheaper iPhone 9 with a single camera, but moving to a bezel-free design with a notch, and a larger iPhone X Plus - taking the bezel-free design into a larger device - alongside an updated iPhone X.

While Apple runs a tight ship - so reliable leaks are rare - there's often a lot that can be garnered from accessory manufacturers, as they prepare cases for the new devices.

This silent video (which presumably had voice at some point) comes from Shai Mizrachi who has been a reliable source in the past, shared with 9to5Mac. 

It looks to show cases for the new iPhone sizes we're expecting in 2018, that is, a small model with a single camera - the iPhone 9 and a larger model that builds on the iPhone X - which we're calling iPhone X Plus.

Although not confirmed in this video, the dummies within the cases are often manufactured to specifications from a device manufacturer, so that cases can be made ready for a new phone launch. It's common practise and while we don't see finishes, materials or specs, it gives a good idea of the comparative size. 

The centre of this video has the iPhone X and to the left the iPhone X Plus. This is thought to evolve the iPhone X into that larger size with a 6.5-inch display. However, thanks to a shift in display aspect (bringing in the notch) the body size will be similar to the current iPhone 8 Plus. 

That means you get a lot more display space.

For the smaller model - which might be called iPhone 9 - this is reported to be a 6.1-inch LCD model (while the other is OLED). We suspect this will be the "normal" iPhone to replace the 8, but again with that new display aspect and Face ID as there's no home button.

Of course, there's no verification that any of this is true, but it does match other leaks and rumours. It might just be that case manufacturers read the same rumours as we do, so take the whole thing with a pinch of salt for now. 

We're not expecting the new iPhone to launch until September 2018.

Writing by Chris Hall.