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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat may finally be available to buy by September this year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The AirPower mat was first announced at the iPhone X launch in September 2017 and a report from DigiTimes said it would launch at the end of March this year. Evidently, that never happened. 

Now, Bloomberg is citing sources familiar with the product, but who have asked to remain anonymous, as saying the AirPower mat is facing several issues such making sure it doesn't overheat and technicalities with the internal circuitry. Apple hasn't shed any light on the matter, instead choosing to remain noticeably silent. 

To defend Apple, the AirPower mat will be unlike other charging pads currently available. It's designed to charge up to three devices at once: an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods when placed inside an as-yet-unreleased wireless charging case. Because you will be able to place any of these devices anywhere on the mat, it needs to have induction charging transmitters placed virtually everywhere. Apple is said to be using custom charging technology as well as Qi wireless charging technology in the pad. 

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An executive at an Apple partner that make wireless charging pads for iPhones, but asked not to be named, said Apple is likely facing issues with integrating various sizes of sensors throughout the mat, to accommodate different devices. 

The tech giant is also said to have run into problems with the fact the AirPower mat has a stripped down version of iOS onboard to carry out on-device power management. There are reportedly several bugs with the software that engineers are still trying to rectify. 

While not confirmed, the aim is now said to be in a position to launch the AirPower mat by, or in September, perhaps to coincide with the launch of a trio of new iPhones.

It's of course not the first time Apple has run into problems with releasing new products. The HomePod speaker for example was meant to launch in December 2017 but after some issues, finally went on sale in February 2018. Hopefully the next time the company has a new product to launch, especially if its a first-generation, it will only announce it when it's definitely ready to go on sale. 

Writing by Max Langridge.