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(Pocket-lint) - There are rumours that a future iPhone will have three rear cameras, and a new report adds more weight to the speculation.

To be clear: the rumours are about a 2019 model. And a new research note from the Taipei Times has suggested Apple is likely to launch this model with "a triple-lens rear camera". The phone will launch in the second half of next year - not this year. The report described how Huawei has a triple rear camera in its P20 Pro smartphone and that other manufacturers may do the same.

The report is actually about about Largan, a popular maker of lenses for smartphone cameras. You see, if phones start featuring more cameras, that means Largan will sell more more lenses. Anyway, as part of this conjecture, Apple was brought up in the report. It's difficult to determine if Taipei Times is revealing new details or spinning old rumours. 

While it's interesting, it's also too early to be guessing about Apple’s plans for its line of 2019 iPhones, especially when we're still trying to figure out what it has in store for this year's refresh. For a look at what the rumour mill is saying about those phones, see our round up here.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.