Would you miss Apple's 3D Touch if your iPhone didn't come with it?

In January, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a great track record when it comes to revealing yet-to-be-announced news on upcoming Apple products, said we should expect three new iPhones to be announced September, with one of them being a 6.1-inch model that is a cross between the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Now, according to Chinese website Feng, which MacRumors spotted, Kuo said that Apple’s new 6.1-inch phone will offer a new display that is expensive, and because of that, Apple might ditch 3D Touch to reduce costs. Kuo claimed the iPhone will feature Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) technology, making it lighter and more impact resistant.

According to the analyst's memo, as seen by Feng, Apple plans to move the iPhone’s touch module from the display panel to the surface glass, and it will add a “thin-film sensor”, whatever that means. For more rumours and leaks about what the next iPhone models might feature, check out Pocket-lint's entire round-up here.

If Apple decided to not include 3D Touch, it'd be interesting to see what users think, as the feature is considered useful by some and pointless by others. We happen to like it at Pocket-lint. What do you think?

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