A leaked investor memo claims that you could get yourself an iPhone X for as little as $899 (£635) this year. That's a distinct drop from the minimum of $999 being charged for this year's model.

The price drop is suggested because it is claimed that Apple will release three new handsets this year, each featuring edge-to-edge screens and Face ID notches. They are unlikely to be called iPhone X - the actual name isn't known - but they will all sit in the same family.

The memo is by analyst firm RBC Capital Markets and highlights two new OLED models - at 5.8 and 6.5-inches respectively - with the 5.8-incher starting at the sub-$900 pricing. A third, 6.1-inch LCD handset could be set at an even more entry-level price point.

Apple Insider, which was sent the memo, states that the LCD model will have an aluminium surround, while the OLED iPhones will come with a premium steel bezel. The entry and premium Apple Watch models use similar materials.

This is all based on analyst expectations rather than inside sources so you should keep an open mind, but previous rumours have also suggested three different notch-laden handsets this year, so that thinking is gaining gravitas.

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