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(Pocket-lint) - Apple likes to add new features and data points into Maps, the latest of which is the addition of bike sharing data for more than 175 cities across 36 countries.

You can search for the specific bike share system in your city in the search field in Apple Maps, search for “bike sharing”, or ask Siri. 

Apple has partnered with Ito World to provide the bike data; this is the first bike-sharing dataset provided as a single feed.

The schemes have a total of more than 12,810 "points of interest", each one a place where you can pick up or drop off a cycle.

Cities and services added in the UK are:

  • Bath (nextbike Bath)
  • Belfast (Coca-Cola Zero Belfast Bikes)
  • Exeter (co bikes)
  • Glasgow (nextbike Glasgow)
  • London (Santander Cycles/Boris Bikes)
  • Milton Keynes (Santander Cycles MK)
  • Stirling (nextbike Stirling)
  • University of Warwick (UniCycles)

Apple’s original woes with Apple Maps are well documented, but the company has improved the app phenomenally over the last few years, adding in much more accurate detail.

Public transport information continues to be extended as well, while lane guidance for navigation has also recently launched in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa and Poland.

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Apple Maps recently added more than 30 detailed indoor airport maps for major international airports including London Heathrow, JFK, LaGuardia, LAX, Hong Kong International, Chicago O’Hare, Amsterdam, Schiphol, Geneva, Toronto Pearson, and the remarkably-still-open Berlin Tegel.  

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Writing by Dan Grabham.