Apple has different plans for iOS this year.

The company wants to delay some key features until next year, according to Axios. One of those features is a complete refresh of the home screen. In the meantime, Apple plans to fix performance and quality issues plaguing its mobile operating system. Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, has reportedly already announced this new goal to Apple employees.

Keep in mind Apple has faced a lot of criticism lately for bugs in iOS updates and how it uses those same updates to throttle older iPhones with aging batteries. So, in an attempt to address those problems head on, it is pushing an upcoming home screen refresh, as well as a refresh of the CarPlay in-car user interface, improvements to core apps like Mail, and photography upgrades to 2019. 

We may see, however, some minor improvements to augmented reality, digital health, and parental controls, Axios said. For the most part, though, Apple wants to make iPhones more responsive. The company wants to cut back on complaints via customer support and other outside criticism by really going after quality and performance, but it might face some backlash from customers with this approach.

After all, iPhone users tend to pay more attention to flashy new features rather than security and reliability. We've contacted Apple for a comment. But if this report is it all true, don't expect any major updates in iOS 12 when it's announced this autumn.