Late last year, it was discovered that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhones to prevent random reboots. Many iPhone owners always thought their phones slowed down around the time a new model was due to be released, but Apple admitted it included a power management feature within iOS to help the phone run better if the battery was degraded.

Following a public apology and reducing the price of replacing the battery at an Apple Store, CEO Tim Cook has now said a future iOS update will include a feature that will let you turn off the power management feature if you want.

The update will be like any other and go to developers first, before being rolled out on a general scale, but once you have it on your phone you will be able to see the health of the battery and what the power management feature is doing. However, in a somewhat unusual move for Apple, you will be able to turn the feature off if you wish.

It's something that no other phone manufacturer currently offers, and of course, Apple advises against it, because it says everything it does is ultimately for the benefit of the end user.

The developer preview of the next iOS update should roll out in February, so we can expect the full public version to be available in March.