You can expect data speeds of the entire 2018 iPhone lineup to be vastly improved, as they will allegedly support gigabit LTE transmission and 4x4 MIMO standards, according to usually reliable industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo has said in a note to investors that Apple will integrate at least two liquid crystal polymer (LCP) antennas in all of the new iPhones - the iPhone X already has two, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have one - but all will be upgraded to support 4x4 MIMO standards, and therefore provide faster speeds. The current iPhone lineup support 2x2 MIMO standards.

KGI Research

4x4 MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) means the data connection between the serving base station and the mobile device can support up to four data streams, therefore quadrupling the amount of data that can be sent at one time. Not only does it mean increased speeds, but it can also improve coverage in low-coverage areas.

The 2018 Apple iPhones won't be the first to support this standard, as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium are already capable. Apple's shift to improved antenna will also mean current supplier Career will go from supplying between 20 - 25 per cent of LTE antennas to Apple currently, to around 50 per cent.

Gigabit LTE data speeds are still in their infancy, although EE has carried out real-world demos of the increased speeds in the UK and plans to roll the service out to more cities throughout 2018.

While we always suggest taking rumours with a pinch of salt until more details are revealed, the fact that Samsung and Sony have adopted the technology already and gigabit LTE will become more common, we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple adopt the technology too.