The new iPhone X is the most desirable, advanced Apple gadget yet. It's available on EE and here are five good reasons why you should choose EE over other networks for your iPhone X.

1 It's a far-reaching network

The comprehensive, in-depth coverage of EE is solid and fast across the UK so you can make the most of your iPhone X's capabilities. Staying connected is a big part of using a phone to the full so the network that keeps you connected all the time is the one to go for. Not to mention that you need a decent signal to, you know, make and receive phone calls. But since EE supports calls over wi-fi and now 4G calling, you need never be out of touch.

2 It's a fast network

Apple's iPhone X and EE are a good fit. Both use the latest, fastest technologies to ensure your connection is stronger and more effective. With a phone like the iPhone X, you want to be connected at decent speeds, to make the most of the phone's advanced display and audio features if, for example, you're streaming video. And 4G calling, mentioned above, has a great benefit on EE: during a 4G call, you can continue to use data at 4G speeds. Very few mobile providers allow that. 


3 It's great for Apple Music

If you like streaming music to your iPhone, Apple Music is the perfect fit. With EE, you get six months of free membership of Apple Music, so you can try it out properly. That means you can listen to over 40 million tracks, Apple's radio services and streaming and downloading access. Sign up to the £9.99 a month subscription and you won't be charged for six months. By the way, this offer applies to existing EE customers as well as new ones and you can use it if you have an Android phone or another iPhone, too.

4 It's a great network for roaming

If you have a smasher of a phone like this, you'll want to keep using it to the full when you're away on holiday or abroad for work. That means you need a network which has fast and wide coverage thanks to strong relationships with carriers abroad. Which EE does. You get inclusive roaming in all 48 EU countries, plus a further five (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Mexico) if you’re on a Max Plan. It also has a series of Travel Data Pass options which mean you have a set amount of data for a daily fee when you're abroad. You only get charged on the days you use it and there's no need to remove it when you get home, either. You'll get a message when you're approaching your data limit and it'll only give you more data if you opt for that. Complete peace of mind, then.


5 It works with Apple Watch Series 3

No other network besides EE can offer you this. Because EE is the only UK network to support Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS and 4G) models, you can use your iPhone X and Watch seamlessly. This means that if you go running and want to leave your iPhone behind, you can still make calls, send texts, order an Uber and more. And your run data, accurately measured using the Watch's GPS, will be saved to your iPhone X, too. All Apple Watch models work with the iPhone X, but the Series 3 with 4G is the best fit of all.