There are plenty of changes in iOS 11 to discover. So much so, we've created a large, extensive tips and tricks guide that detais all the nitty-gritty things you can do. One of the more useful changes is the Quick Start setup option. 

When you buy a new iOS device, whether it be an iPhone or iPad, there's a new setup option that allows you to authenticate your Apple ID and sign in without having to go through the usually quite lengthy process of signing in manually and authenticating using two-factor verification. It works like a cross between Android's NFC-based tap-and-go setup process and Apple Watch pairing. 

As with any new iOS device from the past few years, the first couple of steps of setup are the same: choose your language and region. The next step, however, allows you to choose whether you want to begin a Quick Start setup or carry on manually. 

Choose to continue along the Quick Start route, and it'll tell you to bring your iPhone near the device, which then detects it, and a pop-up will appear on your old iPhone's screen. It looks a lot like the process for pairing W1-equipped earphones like AirPods and new Beats headphones. 

Tap "Continue" on this pop-up window, and your new iPhone or iPad will then show an orb-like animation of thousands of little dots spinning around each other, in the same way an Apple Watch will during setup. 

The old iPhone at this point has a circle window, which you need to line up with the space-age looking animation on the new device's screen. It uses the rear camera to recognise it and start the process of setting up. 

To authenticate that this is indeed you, and to keep things secure, the new device then asks you to confirm your old device's passcode. Once that's verified, the rest of the process is plain-sailing. 

You'll still need to do things like register fingerprints for Touch ID, setup Apple Pay (if you want to), and agree to various terms and conditions, before confirming whether you'd like to restore from an old backup or just start with a clean slate. The important thing, however, is that using the Quick Start means all the Apple ID stuff is taken care of - there's no lengthy verification, and it's all done like magic, between the two devices.