If, like us, you downloaded iOS 11 as soon as it became available on Tuesday 19 September will most likely have noticed that same as we did a day later; battery life now sucks.

As with most new Apple operating system releases, battery life seems to drain much more quickly after installation. Indeed, we barely lasted a day on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11 with almost no use - only one short call and occasional checking of emails.

Prior to this, we lasted more than a day, almost two before needing to charge again.

Apple will invariably release software updates that will help but in the meantime you can try a few tricks here, that we're updating as we go.

Alternatively, there is one solution going around that some say solves the issue completely. However, you should be warned that this is the most drastic of solutions.

You can factory restore your iPhone and set it up as a brand new phone. But as it is reported that the battery trick only works if you don't restore from backup, you have to be prepared to lose all of your data, messages, apps, the lot.

If you are considering it, we suggest you either backup through iTunes on a PC or Mac, or backup to an iCloud account first. That way, if you don't like the results you can at least revert to a recent backup later.