Apple has unveiled its new Steve Jobs Theatre ahead of the iPhone September event giving us our first glimpse of the work the company has been doing to create its new campus over the last 10 years.

Set on one of the highest parts of Apple park in 175 acres of landscaped grounds, the theatre, like the Apple 5th Avenue store, rises from the ground like a glass temple giving little away as to what lies beneath.

The building designed by Norman Foster and Apple Design Chief Jony Ives is a huge circular glass building rising 6 metres high and spanning 50m in diameter. The pillar less design sees the the metallic carbon fibre roof float seemlessly in the air.

With polished floors and a polished metal roof the Californian sun glistens on the ceiling playing shapes through the dozens of trees planted around the theatre.  

Get in through the large glass doors and you are led to two curved staircases made from the same sandblasted and honed Castagna stone handrails hand carved into the walls similar to that used in the Apple Regent Street store before revealing a plush theatre for a 1000 people.

The Steve Jobs Theatre is just one of the many buildings on the site. There will be a visitors centre for people to shop and drink coffee. Specific to this Apple store, visitors will be able to use AR to see the campus in all it's glory.