A video purporting to show a fully working iPhone 8 has appeared online via Reddit. The video itself is short and quite blurry, and as with any leak or rumour, there's no way to authenticate it. We therefore suggest taking this one with a huge grain of salt.

Nevertheless, the iPhone in the video certainly looks like the dummy models, renders and leaked schematic drawings we've seen over the recent months.

There's clearly an all-screen front panel with no Touch ID home button in sight, and there's also the cutout section at the top of the screen, which houses the front-facing camera and facial recognition sensors.

We can see there are Apple apps such as Safari and Messages installed, which adds weight to the fact this is a legitimate iPhone, and the language is in Chinese, so this could be a phone straight off the production line.

However, as BGR points out, the Wi-Fi and mobile signal strength indicators are in the top right section of the screen, but they're normally found in the top left. Apple may have switched things around for the new iPhone model, or this could be a very good Android launcher that imitates the iPhone 8.

We won't know for sure if this is a legitimate model until Apple unveils the iPhone 8 - or the iPhone Edition as it's been recently claimed - on 12 September inside the Steve Jobs Theater of its new Campus in Cupertino.