Apple plans to show off its Steve Jobs Theatre soon.

The Apple Park venue, which is named after the late CEO and company co-founder, Steve Jobs, will be formally unveiled to the public during an iPhone 8 event on 12 September. There's no getting past that the next iPhones will be the star of the show, but you can't ignore the place where they will be unveiled. It's located under Apple's so-called spaceship, and, to say the least, it looks glorious.

We've all seen the renders and above ground images over the past few years, but now, thanks to Mac Magazine, we've been given an early look at the theatre’s interior while under construction. Since the setting is primarily underground, the inside hasn't been seen by most people. However, these construction images show what we can expect, despite the fact that everything is covered in plastic.

We've seen other mockups of the theatre, and an unauthorized drone flyover showing the building near completion (it's been under construction for years). We've been treated to details about it, too. For instance, the auditorium, which sits under the rounded, glass building, reportedly seats 1,000. The above-ground lobby of the theatre is 165 feet in diameter, and it has 20-foot-tall glass walls.

The glass cylinder is topped with a metallic carbon-fiber roof carbon fiber, according to current CEO Tim Cook, who told Wired: “It’s on a hill, at one of the highest points on this land... It felt like him.” Him, of course, is Steve Jobs. "To honor his memory and his enduring influence on Apple and the world, the theatre at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater," Apple announced in February.

Based on drone videos, we know there are two sets of stairs descending down the two-story lobby to the auditorium below, and there's a single elevator and what appears to be a lot of light wood surfaces. But that's all we really know. Pocket-lint will be live at the iPhone 8 event in a couple weeks, though, and we hope to grab some image of the Steve Jobs Theatre to share.