Apple's September iPhone launch event is happening right now. So how can you watch it and what can you expect to see?

Some of the news is already confirmed - like more details on the release of Apple's latest operating system updates including iOS 13, iPadOS 13, WatchOS, TV OS and MacOS, and others are educated guesses like new iPhones and new Apple Watch models. 

When is Apple's event?

Apple's event is being held right now. Here are the different local times:

  • San Francisco: 10am PT on 10 September
  • Chicago: 12pm on 10 September
  • New York: 1pm on 10 September
  • London: 6pm on 10 September
  • Berlin: 7pm on 10 September
  • Hong Kong: 1am on 11 September
  • Beijing: 1am on 11 September
  • Seoul: 2am on 11 September
  • Sydney: 3am on 11 September
  • New Delhi: 10:30pm on 10 September
  • Moscow: 8pm on 10 September
  • Cape Town: 7pm on 10 September

How to watch Apple's event online

The easiest way to watch Apple's event is via the YouTube video at the top of this article or from Apple's Event webpage. You can also watch on your Apple TV: download the Apple Events app from the App Store for Apple TV, or stream from your iOS device via AirPlay.

Just ensure it's a second-generation Apple TV, with the latest Apple TV software or tvOS. Or if you want company you can go and watch it at an Apple store too. 


What to expect from Apple's event

Event invites usually tease the theme, but this particular one merely shows an updated, transparent version of Apple's classic colour-code logo and the tagline "By innovation only." So, what does all that mean and what can we expect?

New iPhone 11 series

The big announcement, given we've seen iPhones released in September for some time now, is new iPhone models including an updated iPhone XR. Based on several leaks and obvious guesswork, we can expect the 2019 iPhone lineup to debut.

Three models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The names are unclear at this point, with reports going between iPhone 11 and just iPhone and iPhone Pro. We aren't expecting Apple to continue to use the iPhone XI combination, as that feels complicated, and there is talk of intro-ing a "Pro" moniker to fall in line with the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro range. 

In this trail of thought, you would have the iPhone (previously the iPhone XR), the iPhone Pro (previously the iPhone XS), and the iPhone Pro Max (previously the iPhone XS Max). Whether Apple will opt for this is still anyone's guess, but it makes logical sense. 

Rumours suggest there will be three different models: upgrades to the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. That will deliver two iPhones with OLED screens in 5.8- and 6.5-inch sizes and one LCD iPhone that's 6.1 inches.

A new three camera system and better front facing camera

All three will have spec and camera improvements. Expect them to be faster than previous models and feature a better camera system thanks to the addition of yet another camera - why have two when you can have three? 

The additional camera on the iPhone 11 Pro models will offer wide-angle, telephoto, and ultra-wide-angle. The iPhone 11 (which replaces the XR) will only have two, but it will come in the same square housing.

The move to include an ultra-wide-angle camera will also mean new features, including something the rumours suggest will be called "Smart Frame" allowing you to add people back into the frame if they've been accidentally chopped out. 

The new iPhones will also see an upgraded front facing camera, which will make using FaceID easier. 

Possible bilateral wireless charging

Rumours have suggested that we were going to see bilateral wireless charging being added that would allow users to charge the Apple Watch and AirPods via the back of the iPhone however industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is now suggesting that Apple might be scrapping this functionality at the last minute because of technical issues. 

There is also rumours of improved waterproofing and stronger glass for better protection. 

Once announced we are expecting the usual timeframe for launch, so somewhere around the end of September, perhaps the Friday 20 September, but again this hasn't been confirmed. 

Apple Watch

The general consensus is that the Apple Watch isn't likely to be a major overhaul as there was a significant update in 2018. But rumours suggest there will be new materials (ceramic and titanium) and new functionality including sleep tracking to encourage people who bought in early to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 5

New Apple TV

As for Apple TV, the current 4K offering is already pretty good, but if Apple wants to open up the option of gaming via its Apple Arcade gaming service we could see a new model with a more powerful processor released - and setting the stage for Apple TV+ services.

Apple Tag

Then there are rumours that Apple is about to launch a Tile competitor, a small circular Tag you put in your bag or attach to your keys, using the Find My service already in place to keep track of your Apple devices. Rumours have sprouted from mentions in iOS 13, but this could be the big surprise announcement from the September event. 

Other hardware

Other rumours include Apple possibly launching a new 10.2-inch iPad and 16-inch MacBook Pro, however, Apple traditionally waits until October to launch new iPad Pro models preferring to give them their own dedicated event.

Software updates and services

Regardless of what new Apple hardware will launch at the September event, Apple will tell us when the new updates of its latest operating systems will be available to download on our current Apple products. We expect iOS 13 to be released, along with MacOS Catalina, WatchOS 6, iPadOS, and tvOS 13 in the next couple of weeks. Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ should also launch sometime this autumn, Apple has said.

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