It's hard to believe, but we could have a new iPhone by next month.

Make that three new iPhones, to be exact. And according to The New York Times, at least one of them is going to be ridiculously expensive, which is something we've been hearing about for months. This latest report has claimed the almost bezel-less iPhone will sell for “around $999", which is roughly $350 more than what an iPhone 7 costs. (For those in the UK, $999 converts to about £780.)

Yikes. Now, why is it going to be so expensive? Several leaks have suggested two of the three new iPhone models will be slightly different from the iPhone 7 in terms of design and upgrades, but the other iPhone, the so-called iPhone 8, will bring an entirely new look and a practically full-screen display. It might also come with fancy technologies like facial recognition and wireless charging.

To further separate it from the Plus-sized iPhone, which should cost around $769, it will need a different, higher price tag, unfortunately. Check out Pocket-lint's rumour round-up to see what else the iPhone 8 is expected to feature and why it's thought to cost so much more.