Apple must really hate that HomePod code leak.

Developers have been combing through it, trying to uncover features that Apple may be developing, and much to their surprise, they've been stumbling upon some major changes expected to come to the next iPhone. For instance, the phone might be able to detect your face and auto-mute notifications when in use. But that's not all: it could use facial recognition for Apple Pay authentication.

Developer Guilherme Rambo spotted something called Pearl ID in the HomePod code. Pearl ID is thought to be Apple’s codename for its facial recognition system, which is rumoured to be coming to the next iPhone. Now, based on what he's found, Rambo thinks Pearl ID will be able to store multiple faces and can be accessed by third party apps. The next iPhone might use it for biometric authentication of payments.

The leaked code included the phrase "multi biometric". In theory, that means the phone would use both facial recognition and fingerprint ID as a two-step verification of sorts. The code further suggested the front and rear camera are needed for Apple's facial recognition system. Rambo discovered the phone captures 240fps video at 1080p, too, and HDR capture has even been spotted in the firmware.

On top of all this, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has found references in the code that indicate the next iPhone's virtual home button can be resized or hidden as needed. See Pocket-lint's round-up for more details about what Apple's iPhone 8 might feature.