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(Pocket-lint) - It's no secret that the iPhone doesn't have the best battery life out of all the smartphones on the market. While not terrible, we often find ourselves reaching for the charger cable a little earlier than with some Android rivals.

That could be set to change with the launch of the iPhone, as it's said to come with a chip dedicated to handling specific tasks.

Bloomberg has reported the chip is known internally as the Apple Neural Engine, and it will be used to look after things such as image recognition and typing suggestions.

With some of the labour being taken away from the main processing chip, it won't need to work as hard, and therefore battery life should benefit as a result.

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Bloomberg's sources also say that Apple is working on displays with higher frame rates for future iPhone models, and would be the same as the ProMotion displays found in the very latest iPads. However, Bloomberg does state Apple is testing the chip with prototype iPhones, so we may not see it for some time.

Bloomberg's sources also give away some design elements of the iPhone 8, such as a possible glass and steel construction. The new phone would have glass on the front and back, and a thin, steel frame in the middle keeping it all together. The thin frame would give the appearance that the iPhone 8 is one continuous piece of glass.

The sources also say that Apple is still struggling to integrate the Touch ID scanner into the display, so for now it's still anyone's guess where it will end up. It has recently been reported that the iPhone 8 could make the jump to facial recognition instead of Touch ID.

But the iPhone 8 may also make use of various on-screen gestures to navigate around apps and menus, to replace the use of the home button.

While this information has come from sources "familiar with the product", we can't take them as gospel just yet, but it does seem as though the final pieces of the iPhone 8 puzzle are slowly coming together.

Writing by Max Langridge.