New evidence to suggest Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 will use a new facial recognition unlocking system has surfaced online, courtesy of Bloomberg.

Citing people "familiar with the product", Bloomberg says the front-facing camera will include a 3D depth-sensing module - something that has been suggested before - to quickly and accurately scan a user's face to unlock the phone and authenticate payments.

Bloomberg's sources said the intention for the technology is to eventually replace Touch ID fingerprint scanning, as facial recognition is a lot more secure. The sources did however say the technology may not actually appear on the iPhone 8.

If it didn't, and the 8 carried on with Touch ID, then we're still no closer to knowing where it will be positioned, as rumours have suggested the rear, in the screen and in the power button.

Further evidence to add weight to the claims Apple is working on a facial recognition system has come via developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who has unearthed code within the latest HomePod firmware that Apple posted, that refers to "BKFaceDetect". It's highly likely in this case that 'BK' stands for BiometricKit.

The code also makes reference to an infrared camera, which will be able to scan your face day and night, as a regular camera may struggle in low-light conditions. Another developer, Dave Schukin, has added that the HomePod code reveals the infrared module on the iPhone 8 will be able to remote control a TV and household appliances.

It's not just camera information revealed in the code, as it has also turned up an image of what has to be the iPhone 8, found by Guilherme Rambo. The image confirms the bezel-less design. It shows a cut out section at the top for the front-facing camera and sensors, but the screen appears to wrap around it. This is a feature we've heard about before, so it's good to get some clarification.

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