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(Pocket-lint) - Most people use emoji and want more of them.

If you count yourself as part of that crowd, you'll be happy to learn that Apple has announced new emoji characters are coming to its iOS, macOS, and watchOS platforms sometime later this year. And in celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple has showed us what the new emoji look like and represent. There's a woman with headscarf, a bearded person, and even one for breastfeeding, for instance.


Apple also previewed emoji for food items, such as a sandwich and a coconut. Other new emoji include animals and mythical creatures, like T-Rex, a zebra, a zombie, and an elf, as well as a star-struck smiley face and an exploding head smiley face. Keep in mind the Unicode Consortium recently released version 10.0.0 of the Unicode Standard, with 56 new emoji characters for manufacturers to consider.

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Those emoji will not be available for Apple products until Apple actually adds support for Unicode 10, which includes designing its own artwork for each emoji. With today's announcement, Apple is acknowledging the latest version of the Unicorn Standard and teasing artwork for a few of the emoji it's illustrated so far. Remember, it's always left up to manufacturers to create and release designs for Unicode emoji.

And that usually takes many months after a new standard is announced. Now, Apple still hasn’t said when these new emoji will be available, but they'll likely be part of the iOS 11 and the MacOS High Sierra updates due to release this autumn.

Writing by Elyse Betters.