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(Pocket-lint) - Getting a new iPhone on launch day can always be a hard task, as millions of customers look to upgrade their old phone or invest in their first iPhone. 

This year will likely be no different, although if you're hoping to get the iPhone 8 with OLED display, you'll want to have your finger poised on that pre-order button.


That's because Apple is said to be facing supply issues with the OLED panels, at least, that's according to a report from Digitimes.

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Digitimes' report says Apple may only have 3 - 4 million if he OLED-toting iPhones available to ship before the year is out. The premium iPhone is expected to be unveiled in September, but may not even officially launch until October or November because of the supply constraint. 

Apple's smartphone rival Samsung is responsible for producing the displays, but seems to be struggling to manufacture the 5.8-inch panel on a mass scale. It's still possible that an embedded fingerprint sensor in the display is the cause of the yield rate and delay. 

Rumours have been flying around suggesting Apple will in fact embed the Touch ID scanner into the display, something Samsung was thought to be doing with the Galaxy S8, or at least the Galaxy Note 8. The S8's fingerprint reader had to be placed on the rear of the phone, and the same is expected for the Note 8 following recent render leaks.

The iPhone 8 is thought to be using a new optical-based fingerprint scanning technology that would allow it to place the sensor in the display, but as with most rumours, nobody knows for sure until the official reveal date.

It's widely regarded that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus modes, with LCD displays will be unaffected. But with the iPhone 8 expected to introduce a whole new design for Apple's ubiquitous smartphone, demand will no doubt be high.

Writing by Max Langridge.