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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has released a series of videos showing how iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users can take better photos and films on their smartphones. And because many of the tips feature the software, they can help owners of older iPhones too - as long as they have iOS 10.

The company has created its own website with how to guides, all in video form. You can also see a few of them below as they are also on YouTube.

There are guides on how to shoot portraits, close-ups, timed selfies and even without a flash.

Some of the features detailed are only available on the iPhone 7 Plus as that has a second lens for better bokeh - the blurred background while the foreground remains sharp. However, all the videos contain interesting tips and tricks.

How to shoot a great portrait on iPhone 7 Plus

How to shoot a close-up on iPhone 7

How to shoot without flash on iPhone 7

How to shoot action on iPhone 7

One thing we would say though is that many of them show how to take videos and photos in portrait, vertical mode. We strongly advise that, if you ever plan to show a home video on a TV that you shoot it horizontally. Otherwise it'll look poor with massive black bars either side.

It's something to keep in mind for later down the line. How many times have you seen a vertical video on the news? Too many, we suspect.

Writing by Rik Henderson.