Is Apple about to have its own explosive battery debacle?

According to Mashable, 18-year-old Brianna Olivas posted this video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus. She bought the phone in January. The day before the explosion, she went to the Sprint store because it wouldn’t turn on. After running diagnostics, they determined it was fine. The phone worked normally until the next morning, when she said it then "blew up" and "more smoke started coming out of the phone".

Olivas told Gizmodo she charged the phone with an official Apple charger and that she never really had a problem with it before. When asked about the incident, an Apple spokesperson said Apple is "in touch with the customer and looking into it".

Naturally, we're all thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung's ill-fated phablet was recalled twice and ultimately abandoned. Here's the thing: don't overreact. This iPhone 7 explosion could be a one-time incident -- and not some widespread battery flaw for the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Olivas said she has already given the phone to Apple, and the company provided her with a replacement device. We should know more in the coming days after Apple conducts its tests.

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