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(Pocket-lint) - Analytics company KGI Securities has made a second prediction about the iPhone 8, suggesting that a new model with come with a "revolutionary" new front-facing camera system that will enable facial or iris recognition.

One of the company's analysts, Ming-chi Kuo, believes that algorithms acquired as part of Apple's PrimeSense buyout in 2013 will drive three modules in the face of the new phone. These will consist, he says, of a regular front-facing camera sensor, and infrared transmitting sensor and an IR receiver. These could combine to not only recognise a face but also map it in 3D for extra security.


Apple Pay would therefore use facial or iris recognition rather than fingerprint.

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It is also suggested that the new system could be used in other applications too, including augmented reality games.

The idea that the fingerprint scanner could be absent from the new phone - or at least one model in the range - matches with Kuo's previous prediction that the handset would have a curved, wrap-around OLED screen and no physical button.

He predicts it will come with a bottom "function" area instead of a home button.

The speculation that Apple will adopt an OLED screen for its next generation handset is not new. We heard last year that it may have placed an order with Samsung for OLED displays in order to create a curved screen - a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

However, KGI analyst Ming-chi Kuo's prediction that the OLED panel will have two functions is interesting. It says the overall display is likely to be 5.8-inches, with a resolution of 2800 x 1242, but the main, viewable section will be 5.15-inches, with a useable resolution of 2436 x 1125.

The rest of the display will form a touchscreen strip along the bottom, a bit like the function key strip at the top of the new MacBook Pro's keyboard. It can then offer different buttons or gesture options for interaction.

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KGI also suggests that the OLED version of the iPhone 8 (an iPhone 8 Pro?) would be in addition to a 4.7-inch TFT LCD iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.

It's worth pointing out that Ming-chi Kuo is making a prediction based on his own expertise, and none of this is confirmed or corroborated by Apple or inside sources. We suspect we'll hear more about the OLED panel in time, however.

Writing by Rik Henderson.