Have you seen the new Apple AirPods commercial?

The one with the guy basically dancing on buildings and whatnot throughout a city? No? Well, here it is:

Okay, so after watching that, if you're anything like us, you probably wondered how the dude didn't lose at least one earbud. It's an edited marketing video -- we get it -- but still. If you own a pair of AirPods, inevitably, you will lose one. Apple must've realised the same thing at some point, because it's releasing a new feature designed to help you find lost AirPods, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple plans to add AirPods support to the Find My iPhone app, which obviously helps you to find lost Apple devices. This functionality will be available with the release of iOS 10.3, an iPhone and iPad software update that is suppose to roll out to the public in the coming weeks. With AirPods support in Find My iPhone, you will be able to see the current - or at least the last known - location of your AirPods case.

Pocket-lintapple to launch find my airpods feature with ios 10 3 update image 3

The location data won't be too specific. You'll be able to tell if you left them at home or at work, for instance. It's not like you'll see granular data pinpointing their location on the coffee table in your living room. If you do happen to lose your headphones themselves, Apple will blare a sound out of each earbud. As long as the buds have power still, you should be able to hear them and find them nearby.

Appleapple to launch find my airpods feature with ios 10 3 update image 2

Either way, we still wouldn't recommend doing parkour-like stunts in a city with £159 headphones.

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